PBP: Giving


Giving- It can be an act of offering to the Gods but for this post I am going to talk about giving to the community and each other.

A big part of Kemticism is giving- We give each other support, advice, books, money, food, friendship, and community. Community is a group of humans sharing either space or a common goal and imperative working together towards that common goal. We know that each tie that binds each other together is as important as the next one. Severing any of them does not make us stronger as a community or as individuals. Just like a rope, adding fiber upon fiber we become strong. We work together to make this little community of ours better and in turn it makes us as individuals better for it.

One big principal of Ma’at is community and to sever a tie of community one can say is not Ma’at. What exact that is is up to debate. Giving may not just be of ones physical items or ones time… it can also be giving up of some of ones ego.

To join a community, one that is larger than just a few people there will be disagreements in the details of how things are run, who will run it, and which kudos are given. To give to the community it has to be done selflessly, without expectation that you will ever get credit for it. To give to ones community you must assume that you might not agree with what the majority might agree with at all times without jumping ship, or throwing a tantrum, or the opposite senario one can disagree without being a “traitor” to the community, that is called constructive criticism. One must be able to give a little, it is like a relationship… it is give and take, and a lot of compromise.

The community’s needs come first before your own individual wants, all one wants and hopes in life is that those wants overlap those needs.


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