F: Fragrance of the Gods

In Kemetic practice divinity and divine aspects are often attributed to the nose and to the sense of smell. The Gods are said to smell like Frankensense. There is even a God named Nefertum which means “the lotus blossom which is before the nose of Re”.

If you look at my banner, it depicts a banquet of ladies sitting around being fed, smelling lotus blossoms with cones of incense on top their wigs. To please the nose was one of the greatest pleasures.

So what smells would I recommend one use to please the nose of the Gods?

Blue lotus- Hard to get and very expensive but worth it.

Kyphi- Beautiful rich deep. I have spent hours sitting in shrine just wafting in this sent. This is a traditional Kemetic temple incense and was generally burned at night.

Frankincense- Good for any occasion, a true staple.

Jasmine- The ladies usually love this. A Staple for any devotee of Aset.

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