Isis and Aset

Many people ask the question… Is Isis the same as Aset? Aren’t they the same Goddess but one has the Roman name and one is Egyptian? Is it more than the difference between two Gods such as Zeus and Jupiter?  Or should they be considered two completely separate Gods.

Let’ start with the history…

It all started with the Ptolemys. Aset grew in popularity with the influx of new peoples into Egypt and more shrines were erected in the port of Alexandria. This is where she started to become Isis as Ancient Egyptians were never truly fond of sea travel, this is a new Roman influence. She was associated with sea faring and oceans, mothering and synchronized with Mut. We see Aset becoming less Aset…

“I am the Queen of rivers and winds and sea. No one is held in honor without my knowing it. I am Queen of War. I am Queen of the Thunderbolt. I stir up the sea and I calm it once again. I am in the rays of the sun. Whatever I please, this too shall come to an end. With me everything is reasonable. I set free those in bonds. I am the Queen of seamanship. I make the navigable unnavigable when it pleases me. I create walls for cities. I am called the Lawgiver. I brought up islands out of the depths into the light. I am Lord of Rainstorms. I overcome Fate. Fate hearkens to me. Hail, O Egypt, that nourished me!”

By the time Rome got into town Aset was hardly looking like herself. There was still Aset Aset… but there was this Isis too. Just like we have Sekhmet and we have Hetheret. Rome carries Isis around it’s Empire, Temples are erected. Pompeii even had an amazing Isis temple or Iseum . 

Up we go all the way to Ancient Britain and we find shrines.

Back down to Rome though… There are priestesses of Isis that have held onto some of the original aspects of Aset such as these priestesses are thought to be great magicians.

They also wear the Tyet.

BUT… Here is a snippet from “Aretalogy of Isis” (eg Roman)

“I am Isis, the mistress of every land, and I was taught by Hermes, and with Hermes I devised letter, both the sacred and the demotic, that all might not be written with the same letters I gave and ordained laws for all men and women, which no one is able to change. I am the eldest daughter of Kronos. I am the wife and sister of King Osiris. I am She who findeth fruit for men and women I am the Mother of King Horus. I am She that riseth in the Dog Star. I am she that is called goddess by women. For me was the city of Bubastis built. I divided the earth from the heavens. I showed the paths of the stars. I ordered the course of the sun and moon. I devised business in the sea. I made strong the right. I brought together man and woman. I appointed women to bring their infants to birth in the tenth lunar month…”

We see a lot of issues with this mythology that is PURELY Roman.

Aset was NOT taught by Hermes in any Kemetic history or myth.

Aset is not the Eldest daughter of Kronos.. Kronos is NOT Kemetic

Aset only syncs with Siruis as Sopdet; does not rise in it.

Aset hadn’t had Bubastis built for Her.

Aset does not course the sun not moon.

Aset does not devise the sea.

And so on and on and on and on…..

Isis was then synchronized with Demeter leaving any trace of Aset behind.

So this is why Aset is NOT Isis. It is much like saying that Serapis and Wesir are the same.

Serapis                                                                   Wesir

Isis                                                                Aset

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